Women Football Committee

Women Football Committee


The wise leadership of the UAE paid great attention to woman. As a result, the UAE woman occupied many key and vital positions in both the public and private sectors. She also played positrive role in scientific, educational, cultural and sports fields. She was able to make her presence felt in sports competitions to fly the flag of her country at the external levels. His Highness Shaikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan,  ordered the laying down of a proper foundation for the women football in the middle of 2009 by setting up a women football committee under the presidency of Mrs. Hafsa Al Olama and a number of prominent figures in the women sports at the UAE level.

Our Vision

To have the best women football team in the region and upgrade the women football to the international standards.

Our Message

- To spread women football within the UAE through the implementation of effective promotion methods to build up a solid base for the game from different ages that could represent the country at the regional and international levels. And to prepare women sports leaders specialized in football to achieve the international standards.
- To develop the team to the international standards.
- To take part in the regional and international levels.
- To create integrated programme to diagnose, develop and advance the national cadre in women sports at an early age and from schools.
- To obtain strong and lasting support.
- To work under the umbrella of the UAEFA.
- To create successful partnerships and long term sponsorship programmes.
- To cooperate with the educational zones in the UAE to encourage the sport in schools.

Our Objectives

- To promote the women sports culture in the society and aware the society of the importance of sports.
- To attract local human sports resources.
- To set up women football team in collaboration with the UAEFA.
- To upgrade the efficiency and bodily fitness of the UAE women football team.
- Sports marketing to develop the human resources.
- To develop the women football national team and set up an office within the UAEFA.
- To communicate with the different emirates of the UAE to identify the existing teams and clubs therein.
- To organize football matches and competitions within the UAE.
- To open offices within each emirate.
- To tailor modern training programmes for coaches to train the junior players.
- To hold summer training camps.
- To coordinate with the media to promote the women football.  

Strategic Plan

- To create women football infrastructure.
- To teach and educate the society about women football.
- To prepare women coaches and referees and specialized leadership in the women football.
- To set up national teams for the different categories.
- To host local, regional and international tournaments and championships


Committee Members:

  • Raysa Humaid Al Ketbi (Chairwoman)

  • Houriah Hussain Taheri (Member)

  • Mohammed Obaid Al Zaabi (Member)

  • Nefeli Chondrogianni (Member)

  • Fatima Saif Al Ameri (Member)

  • Nouf Abdel Rida Ali (Member)

  • Mariam Ibrahim Al Zarooni (Member)