25 January 2016



Under patronage of H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Chairperson of the UAE General Women’s Union, Supreme Chairperson of Family Development Foundation and Chairwomen of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood “Mother of the Nation”, and with the notable attention and following from H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza, Chairwoman of the Fatima Bint Mubark Ladies Sports Academy (FBMA), President of the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club, the second version of the FBMA International Figure Skating Trophy was concluded on Saturday after carrying on  for two consecutive days at Abu Dhabi Ice Rink in Zayed Sports City where it witnessed the participation of 66 figure skaters who came from 18 countries.

The Trophy gains its significance from being the only figure skating championship in the Middle East region which is held for the second year and it its organized by the FBMA  with cooperation from Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) and the UAE Ice Sports Federation (UISF) and under the supervision the International Figure Skating Federation, and with the sponsorship from “Ana Zahrah” and “Zahrah Al- Khaleej” magazine and “Healthpoint “ hospital.

The Trophy’s competitions met notable interaction from the public, as they watched the contestants’ performances with great admiration for the spectacular skills they demonstrated.

With the conclusion of the second day’s competitions; the final result announced Austrian Figure skater, Alicia Schuster, as the winner of the first place of the novice (A) girl’s category, with 38.66 points, with the second place going to Zlata Ryazanova of Kazakhstan with a result of 37.66 points, while Ah Ran Youn of Korea landed the third with a result of 37.29, and at the ninth place came the Emirati Figure skater Mahra Al-Blushi after getting 16.34 points on her final results.

In the novice (B) girls category, the Korean Hu Jin Kim, succeeded in landing the first the place with 29.74 point on her final results, and second place went to Samira Banat of Russia who got 26.97 points and followed by the Austrian  skater, Merin Okief In the third place with 25.05 points.

Kim Yelim Kim won the first place of the novel advanced category with 120.73 points while her fellow citizen came Ji Han Tu in second place with 101.99 points, and in the third place came the Australian 85.51 points, and for the same category the Emirati skater Sheikha Al-Dhahiri won the eighth place with 52.45  points followed by Amira Mubarak of the UAE 45.17 points. 

In the Junior category, Anita Austlund took the first place with 124.78 points, while the Kaitey  Pusfield of Australia came close in the second place with 120.90 points, and in the third place was the the German Paula Mikozclavic wuth 116.58 points.

Ha Rim Youn  from Korea won the title for the Ladies category after achieving 120.23 points, and the second place went to Nicole Schuts of Germany with 112.99 points, and the Thai Thaita Lamsam came in the third place with 100.24 points, to be followed by Promsam Ra Tanadel Phuket with 95.66 points, while the Emirati Figure Skating star was able to come over the injury she had before the Trophy and landed in the fifth place with 61.87 points.

The National Figure Skating Championship, which took place in synchronization during the competitions of the FBMA Figure Skating Trophy was also concluded with the announcement of Mahra Al-Blushi as a winner for the basic novice category title and Sheikha Al-Dhahiri in the first place for the novice advanced category and Amira Mubarak in the second place for the same category and Zahra Lari won the title of the ladies category and champion of the National Figure Skating Championship.

After the conclusion of the official competitions; the Emirati figure skating star Zahra Lari gave a performance that amazed the spectators and stole their attention, while she dedicated a beautiful work of art to H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, “Mother of the Nation”, and H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza, Chairperson of the Fatima Bint Mubark Ladies Sports Academy, as a sincere representation of  her appreciation and gratitude for Their Highnesses, because of their noble care and their never ending support for the Emirati women in every aspect of life especially sports, as Their Highnesses efforts became a source of inspiration to all Emirati ladies, that push them forward on the way of success and prosperity for the sake of keeping the UAE’s name soaring in the sky of glory.

Finally, the winning contestant were awarded with with gold, silver and bronze Medals and roses  by H.E Hamil Al-Qubaisi, Vice President of the UAE Ice Sport Federation and H.E Naema Al-Mansouri, Board Member of the Fatima Bint Mubark Ladies Sports Academy.

Naema Al- Mansouri: We Thank the “Mother of the Nation”

On her part, Naema Al-Mansouri expressed her deepest gratitude and appreciation for H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, “Mother of the Nation”, Chairperson of the UAE General Women’s Union, Supreme Chairperson of Family Development Foundation and Chairwomen of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, for the generous care she gives to all what elevate the status of Emirati women on all the local, regional and international levels, Al-Mansouri stated that the quantum leap which the ladies sports sector had couldn’t be realized without the continuous support from Her highness for all the events and initiatives aimed toward the development of the ladies sports sector in the UAE, while Al-Mansouri praised the keen attention and  the acute care of H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza, Chairwoman of the Fatima Bint Mubark Ladies Sports Academy, President of the Abu Dhabi Ladies Club, for the organizing works for this great international event, as Her Highness was eager to see the Trophy’s organizing  be in the best manner that dignifies the UAE name in the international stage, for Her Highness is a pioneer in the ladies sports sector by leading the academy with wise guidance and innovative initiatives that develop the march of Emirati Ladies’ sports.

Al-Mansouri thanked the ADSC and UISF and all the sponsors of the event for their fruitful cooperation with the academy for the sake of the success of the Trophy’s hosting efforts in a manner fit for the good reputation of the UAE in the field of hosting international events, she also pointed that this Trophy gained a decent status internationally through gathering the elite figure skaters from around the world for the second consecutive year to give the Emirati public a compelling performance that reinforced the sports position in the local Emirati sport community and through adding new expertise to the Emirati skaters by the means of giving the a chance to compete regularly in international competitions, stressing that the academy always seek to achieve the highest level of cooperation with the different sport institutions and sports federations as a result of  the academy’s convection that cooperation is the only way to develop the ladies sports community in the UAE in order to serve the academy’s goals represented in improving Ladies sports in the country.


Zahra Lari: I am determined on going on

UAE’s prominent figure skater Zahra Lari presented her sincerest thaks and appreciation to H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, H.H Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza and the FBMA for the support they have shown to her since the start of her career in figure skating. She emphasized that she is determined on continuing the participation in international competitions and she still aspires to participate in the Winter Olympics, adding that this ambition requires gaining more expertise and showing better level of performance in order to able to compete against the world champions.

Ha Rim Youn: Pleased to be in the UAE

The winner of the ladies title of the FBMA Figure Skating Trophy, Ha Rim Youn stated that she is pleased to come to the UAE and to participate in the competitions of the Trophy being hosted in Abu Dhabi, expressing that she is delighted to win the title of this unique championship in the Middle East, Youn also lauded the organizers of the Trophy for the high level of professionalism she witnessed during her participation, and finally she concluded with congratulating the other winners and contestants for the great level of skill they have shown during the competitions.