16 June 2022

Fatima bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and Abu Dhabi Ladies Club held a workshop at Abu Dhabi Ladies Club yesterday evening, Wednesday June 15th under the title of "Scientific Bases for Weight Control for Athletes".

During the workshop Dr. Osama Kamel Al Lala, Sports Awareness Specialist at Abu Dhabi Sports Council familiarized the audience and highlighted the importance of specialized physical exercises for athletes and its impact on their caloric intake control. The session included a variety focus points: Introduction to sports, its benefits and the psychological impact it has on individuals, the motivation to engage in sports on a daily basis, the obstacles athletes may face to control their weight.


The one-day workshop also showcased some of the most important sports including running, long-distance walks, stretching, cycling, as well as Swedish exercises of all types. In turn Dr. Osama urged athletes to build connections and support local community events organized by sports institutions and organizations which are aimed to increase physical wellness in society and promote healthy diets as an essential part for good health and source of energy required to maintain vital body functions. Athletes must rely on three important factors during that diet: diversification, balance and non-excess, so that the body and the heart can function effortlessly.

 Dr. Osama Kamel Al Lala - Sports Awareness Specialist at Abu Dhabi Sports Council emphasized commenting:

"Most of the problems associated with the difficulty of losing excess weight are due to people's high expectations.  Athletes often want to lose a lot of weight in one week or less, but very rapid weight loss can affect their health. We advise them to engage in physical activity of average intensity for 1 to 1.5 per day. Morning training is recommended as individuals have the highest concentration levels, as well as early training promotes calorie burning.”

He added: “Our bodies need food and energy to work efficiently and use them for sports and various activities, so athletes need more energy. We tried in this workshop to highlight several important points on this topic. I always recommend to athletes that they refer to a nutritionist who can customize a diet that fits their body, capacity, physical activity level and most importantly, a balanced diet with access to the optimal amount of food and energy to be able to engage in the physical activities needed.”

It is worth noting that FBMA held similar seminars and workshops in line with the requests and wishes of the female communities who are always motivated to learn more about sports and its benefits. The interactions with Dr. Osama and throughout the panels have been inspirational and constantly renew the connection between FBMA and all the ladies in UAE who search for knowledge and healthy living.