November 16 2016

FBMA Sports Psychology Seminar for Athletes and Coaches

Event Details

  • November 16 2016


About the Seminar:

Committed to the vision of nurturing the future generations of Emirati champions, and in line with the mandate of empowering the UAE female athletes' community, FBMA is pleased to host its second seminar dedicated to the important topic of Sports Psychology. 
Addressed primarily to elite and professional athletes and coaches, this seminar is envisaged to provide participants with the tools they need to succeed in their sports careers. 
To be a better athlete does not necessarily mean you must train harder or longer. An athlete's performance is closely associated with how well they cope with the challenges they face on the way to self-development and performance advancement. Previous FBMA research - particularly during the FBMA Elite Athletes Program - has made this very clear, highlighting athletes' need to develop the support mechanisms required to be in a position to overcome the personal and socio-cultural stress they face while pursuing a career in sports.
In light of these findings and in realisation of the importance of a physically as well as mentally strong athlete community, FBMA invites athletes and coaches to learn more about establishing effective communication channels between the coach and the trainee, as well as how to best build confidence and trust in their own abilities to ultimately overcome performance stress. 

Speaker's Bio:

Dr. Djamal Abbas
  • Innovation & Corporate Excellence Specialist at the Development & Corporate Excellence Office, Dubai Sports Council
  • Member of the Technical Committee of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Creative Sports Award
Qualifications and Certifications
  • Ph.D. in "Sports Management"
  • MSc in "Theory and Methodology of Physical Education and Sports”
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